Baking in the Memories

EdWyn Erickson, Reporter

Many of us DeForest residents grew up with fond memories of Windsor Breads. They have been a huge part of the community for many years now. Elementary school teachers often brought in their assortment of pastries and baked goods to share with staff and students. They sponsor many things in the community such as a baseball team in the Windsor DeForest little league baseball. As well as much more. 

However, now all those fond memories are at risk for the upcoming DeForest generation. ”If Windsor Breads closed then I wouldn’t have a comfortable, safe space to do homework with friends, have a conversation with them, etc. I would really be sad because it brings me closer together with people” said Katherine Worthman, a local regular at Windsor Breads, when asked how she would feel if Windsor Breads had to close. 

This is due to the reported downfall in sales for the local bakery and coffee shop. “A good day of sales at Windsor breads is at least 500$” as stated in their latest Facebook post. However, unfortunately, they have been seeing sales more in the 200$-250$ range. Which has brought up the question for the owners “so has Windsor breads run its course”. Although this is seen as less than ideal for the now owners of eight years, it was something they felt the need to post and question. Since then the post has seen a lot of support and love in the comment section which will hopefully be a good sign for the local DeForest business. 

If you too would like to support the quaint little bakery and coffee shop stop in at 4446 Windsor Rd, Windsor, WI 53598.