The 100: The Last Season Is Upon Us


Rachael Toaduff

Parker Blake, Reporter

The final season of The 100, directed by Jason Rothenberg, is finally here. The 100 is a sci-fi television series that is loosely based off of a book series written by Kass Morgan. The series starts off in a juvenile detention center where one of the main characters, Clarke Griffin, is being forced to put on a heartbeat monitor on her wrist. That was the day that everything changed for them. The 100 juveniles, plus the chancellor’s son, were being sent to the ground to test if it is safe for them to return to the earth after a nuclear war made the earth uninhabitable for the previous 97 years. 

(Spoilers ahead!) Upon landing on earth, the juveniles were faced with their first ultimatum after they realized that they weren’t the only ones on earth. They had to put aside their differences and work together, or they would die. The 100 faced many more difficult and deadly challenges that no one could ever imagine having to deal with. Later in the series, the rest of the space station came down and even worse things happened after a failed attempt for peace between the juveniles and the grounders, the people who had survived the nukes. 

The way that the scripts are written combined with the acting makes it seem like you are right there with them. On top of that, the storyline is so diverse. For example, you have the main conflict which is not only surviving but thriving and then within that, there are many, much smaller yet equally important, conflicts. Whether it’s between two or more characters or within one character struggling to choose sides. There is always something to expect in this show and it never fails to remind you.

I recommend this series to anyone that likes sci-fi and can handle some morbid scenes. The show is full of surprises and sends a message throughout the series that you shouldn’t only think about yourself or your people. You must think about other people with different cultures and beliefs and learn to respect that.