Angi in America; From Heilbronn to DeForest


Congratulations Angi! Angi is a 2020 DeForest Area High School graduate, here on an exchange program trip from Heilbronn, Germany

Caitlynn Goppert, Reporter

Throughout this school year, many students have had the pleasure to get to know the German Exchange Student, Angi (Angelique) Maistner. With the COVID-19 crisis canceling school, many of us will not be able to see her again and give her the goodbye she deserves, let alone the American Graduation that she and many other students waited for all year.

Angi, an 18 year old student from Hannover, Germany, has spent her year with an exchange family in Windsor. When asked about first meeting her exchange family, she said, “It was really weird, because we only [knew] each other from the emails that we [sent] each other. And when we first [met] each other it felt normal, because we were all super excited about our adventure together.” She hoped that by coming to America, she would, “improve her English, meet a lot of friends, and experience the American way of life”. 

Throughout the year, Angi has made many wonderful friendships and memories, from going to Atlanta with her family, going to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago, to even the simple joys of going to an American Mall and, most importantly, Kwik Trip. At first, making friends was hard for Angi. “It was hard, because a lot of people in our school are not open to new people and do not accept someone new in their friend group, but I met people that are amazing and I hope that I will be friends with them for a long time.”

As the year winds down to an end, many seniors are missing out on things that can’t be replaced, and even more so for Angi. “I had a lot of spring trips planned that got canceled. I could not meet with my friends, or [be a part of] the next school play, the rest of the Forensics season, or even Track, not to [mention] that I can not attend graduation”. Even with all that happened, everyone who knows her is still grateful for the friendship that was made and the memories that will continue being made.

In an effort to show Angi around Wisconsin, she was taken to the Prarie du Sac Dam.

If you would like to say goodbye to Angi before she goes home, her flight will be leaving June 20th. Also, you can comment with a goodbye message that will be put into a gift she will receive shortly before her departure.