Go Get Tested for COVID-19 at the Alliant Energy Center


Inside the Testing Facility at the Alliant Energy Center

Jenna Voegeli, Reporter

Testing the Coronavirus has seemed to be a major issue all across the United States, but  A few weeks ago, Public Health of Madison and Dane County started working on a solution.. According to the Incident Commander of the Public Health Department, the department has had plans prepared for pandemics and similar situations, but this was a whole new level of impact to deal with.  The government of Wisconsin requested a drive through testing site be set up in Madison, so people don’t need to have the required symptoms or go into a clinic. Luckily, the Health Department had already had that thought and got on top of it right away. Along with the Public Health Department, the National Guard joined in to help with the testing.

The Public Health Department has set up a drive through site at the Alliant Energy Center. Originally the testing facility had issues with filling out documentation correctly, so more public health workers were filtered throughout to catch any errors. A lot went into setting this up correctly including “logistic planning, sourcing properly, getting communications out, getting enough testing kits and PPE, making sure everyone is properly trained and even traffic management,” explained the Incident Commander. With all this necessary planning, setting this up in a few weeks was incredibly difficult.

Who can be Tested

 It is open and available to anyone above the age of 5, and if you are younger than 17 you need a parent with you. People are being encouraged to go get tested at this new site so the public health department can “see how prevalent the virus is in our county.” You don’t need to have any symptoms or be connected to anyone with the virus to get tested. Also, there is also no payment or insurance involved.

Testing Procedure

 If you decide to go get tested, someone will direct you through traffic cones and have you fill out a questionnaire with information as simple as your name, birthday, address, and phone number. Then you will continue in your car through the Alliant Energy Center and workers in full personal protective equipment will verify the questionnaire and put a q-tip in both of your nostrils, causing some discomfort, but no pain. Then you are free to leave and they will call you with your results within 3-5 days. So if you have a spare day of boredom, might as well go get tested and experience this pandemic all the way.

Inside the Testing Facility at the Alliant Energy Center