Binge-Worthy Series: Criminal Minds

Lina Rios, Reporter

“Criminal Minds” revolves around an above-average team of FBI profilers such as Agent Derck Morgan, David Rossi, Jennifer Jareau, Penelope Garcia and Doctor Spencer Reed who analyze the behavior of the country’s most heinous Criminal Minds, by figuring out their next moves before they get the chance to make them. The team is lead by Special Agent Aaron Hotchner, a family man who reads people’s behavior and actions and with that uses it to unlock their deepest secrets (Aceshowbiz). 

The script of “Criminal Minds” works wonders – on screen, the writing is very believable. It feels as though it were real. And that the characters would say these things and say it just the way the actors did which makes you think that it’s really happening. The acting never feels forced and the chemistry between the actors is obviously there. When you are watching you feel as if you had just gone through that mission with them and you’re happy you caught the bad guy and that you all made it out alive. 

The characters have a good dynamic. Hatch gives you that stern serious feel but with a soft side deep down, and Garcia and Morgan give you a comedic relief right when things are getting too heavy. It also makes things even more believable because Spencer is there and there is always that one friend you have that when they talk you have no idea what they’re talking about and how they know the things they are saying, and he’s that friend. When you really pay attention to how the show is written you can find evidence of there being serious thought and effort being put into the show.  

I recommend this show to people who like true crime and are into mysteries. But I wouldn’t leave it at just that because the show has a dramatic feel to it and if you like drama you will love this show.