A Cappella Should be Considered a Laude Credit

Kayleigh Wheeler, Reporter

DeForest High School is home to an a cappella group called Violet Noise. They are currently in their second year of competing but have been in existence for roughly 7 years. I have been a member of this ensemble for 3 years now, and I know all of the ins and outs of this class. I have also been a member of Bella Voce, the top women’s ensemble at DeForest, for 2 years, Showchoir for 3 years, and I have been in three musicals at DeForest. I am heavily involved in the music program and I can very easily say that A Cappella is the hardest ensemble. By a long shot. You have to be very independent, you need the ability to learn music and retain it very quickly, and the music is just harder in that ensemble. Student’s musical ability and knowledge are tested with every rehearsal. Based on the difficulty level of this class, I believe that it should be a Laude credit class.

The other auditioned curricular choirs are considered to be Laude credits, but the hardest class that tests your knowledge the most is not. I have been a member of the top women’s ensemble at DeForest high school for 2 years, and I can firmly say that I learn more in a cappella than I do in Bella Voce. The depth of my musicianship is strengthened. Other classes at DeForest earn the students Laude credit and while I have taken many of these classes and felt challenged, A Cappella has always been the most challenging. You may think that I’m biased, however I am not the only person in this ensemble that feels this way. In fact, every single member of the ensemble says that a cappella is the hardest ensemble at the high school. 

On top of a cappella not being a Laude credit class, we only get .5 credits for the whole year. So I have been a dedicated member of this ensemble for 3 years, but I will only receive 1.5 credits for it. I don’t get a study hall, and I am still required to do learn more music than other students in the choral program while keeping on top of all of my school work. 

A cappella should most definitely be a Laude credit class and we should get full credit for it. It’s absurd that the students who want to challenge themselves are not being recognized for it. A cappella is just as hard as an AP class or even a Laude class that isn’t considered to be AP. Students should be recognized for the hard work that they are putting in. Period.