From the Vault: First Lady Norski Basketball Game Ends in Chaos

Mitchell Hahn, Reporter

The first home basketball game for the Lady Norkis that was held in the south gym at DeForest Area High School November 26, 2019 sure ended in a thriller.

This game that started at 7:00 p.m. was a good matchup between the Deforest Norskies and the Watertown Goslings. Throughout the game both teams played well, but with a minute left in the game the Goslings were up by two and had possession of the ball looking to win.

Immediately after Coach Schwenn, head coach of the girls team, called a timeout. After the timeout was over, with a half a minute left, Lily Gifford committed a foul giving DeForest the ball back.

Now with only 27 seconds left down by two in the game; the Norskis were getting nervous. After the girls got the ball it was on; all five girls driving down with the clock counting down. Megan Mickelson dribbled it down the court looking for an open person for a shot, and she stops, not able to move anymore.

With ten seconds left she passed to a wide-open Maggie Trautsch who took her shot at the three-point line. As the ball released from her hand, everything seemed to move in slow motion from the stands. The ball swooped in with ease for a three-point shot, and for the lead, 50-49! Everyone in the stands went crazy. With only nine seconds left Watertown could not get a shot off.

Deforest wins!