Wisconsinites Protest Against Governor Evers’ “Safer at Home” Order

Karissa Cowles, Reporter

On March 25, Governor Tony Evers put into place the Safer at Home Order for Wisconsin. This order set guidelines for essential workers, privately owned businesses, beauty parlors, and many other businesses. The order also encouraged social distancing, and put emphasis on the importance of staying home unless necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the cases in Wisconsin still rising, Tony Evers extended the Safer at Home Order until May 26th. There was a very mixed reception in the public which eventually led to protests.

Arran K @arrankphotography

In Brookfield, more than 1,000 protestors gathered to protest. There were no injuries or arrests made at this rally as this was a peaceful gathering of protesters. However, according to the Brookfield Police Department, one person will be referred to the District Attorney’s Office for disorderly conduct.

A nurse protests the protesters. Arran K @arrankphotography 

The person threw a glass bottle at the protestors while driving down the road. No one was hit by the bottle or harmed in any way, police officials say.

Another rally  took place outside of the Capitol building in Madison on Friday, April 24th. This crowd had more than a few thousand protests, making their message very clear. Those who were protesting were opposing the idea that the threat of infection is worth the economic damages due to business closings.

Although Evers has seen these protests, he is firm on his stance of keeping this order in place until the state of Wisconsin and the United States as a whole is in a place to move forward and begin reopening. In a media briefing, Evers acknowledged the order is difficult for those who are stuck at home, however, it is necessary to keep our communities safe and to make progress towards lessening the guidelines.

The cases are still growing, and while the protests were peaceful and non-violent, it put many families and community members in danger due to the increased chances for the virus to spread. Although it is their constitutional right to protest the government, the police strongly encouraged the protestors to follow the social distancing guidelines.

In this uncertain time, all of us at the Jefferson Street Journal wish you and your loved ones safety and good health. Be sure to keep yourself safe whether that be with masks, gloves, washing hands, or keeping distance with those around you. Remember, it is important for our future that we take every precaution possible. Thank you and stay healthy!