DeForest Varsity Basketball Doubles their Competitor’s Score

Jenna Voegeli, Reporter

When a team doubles their competitors score something is definitely up.  At DeForest’s Varsity Basketball game on February 11th, DeForest scored a whopping 82 points and Portage scored a mere 41 points. 

So, who were the DeForest players that couldn’t stay away from the basket? A certain three stood out the most: Deven Magli (#23), Treyten Schroeder (#10), and Kennedy Wallace (#21) . Deven Magli, a sophomore, focused on many 2-point shots scoring 14 points. Treyton Schroeder  made 10 points, in many free throws. Kennedy Wallace hit some 3-point shots and free throws scoring 8 points. When reflecting on Tuesday’s game, Kennedy Wallace enjoyed, “coming in and hitting some big three’s.” Throughout the game the Norskies stayed ahead and trampled Portage seemingly easily. 

However, winning against Portage isn’t new, this past December the Norski’s competed against Portage and won 74 to 58 (Maxpreps). So DeForest has Portage covered, but seems to have the majority of other teams too. The DeForest team has won 14 out of 20 games, winning over half of their games this season.