Hypnotizing Students in Class?

Jenna Voegeli, Reporter

An AP class with no homework? That’s impossible, right? Believe it or not, AP Psychology doesn’t have homework. According to Mr. Lecloux, the teacher for this course, and many students this class gives you one high school credit towards graduation; if you also pass the AP exam you can get 3 college credits. It is a year-long class filled with interesting experiments, it does use a textbook frequently. Tests are set up with twenty five multiple choice questions and a couple of short answers. There is a lot of memorization for certain units, so be prepared to study.

Lecloux is very passionate about this class, and lights up when talking about it.  Lecloux says he “offers, not binds” when teaching this class. He will give suggestions and tips for preparing for exams, and if you accept them, then chances are you will do well in his class. Students report that it’s is easy to be successful, as Lecloux gives you all the notes, quizlets, and the questions on the test two weeks before the test. They agreed it was difficult, but not awfully difficult for an AP class since “he gives you so many resources in order to be prepared.”

The class doesn’t have homework (besides studying for tests), which is unusual.  According to students, sometimes things are unorganized and which makes it difficult to know when projects and tests are happening. However, students agree that AP Psych is a pretty interesting class, as there are frequent experiments including drunk goggles and PB&J. In Intro to Psych, Lecloux talks about the times he has successfully hypnotized students, one time even making a student forget their name. He shares results of some of the most interesting experiments in history and it can be very fascinating.

Students do recommend taking this class; however you need to be interested in the mind and all its wonders. “If you did not like Intro to Psych then do not take AP Psych because this is just a more in depth and harder class!” one student reminds. If you like to volunteer, or be sent into the hall while the rest of the class discusses the experiment about to happen, then this class is definitely recommended. 

Due to some confusing situations regarding a pandemic, this year the AP test has changed to a different format, taking it from a huge test with many questions to a simple 45 minute online. This follows suit throughout all AP classrooms. This could make the test more difficult or less difficult, depending on the students. Hopefully AP students are being able to adjust and overcome these changes!