COVID-19 Suspends Baseball at Every Level


Dexter Cruse

Kauffman Stadium

Dexter Cruse, Reporter

As COVID-19 is taking the world by storm, it’s postponing almost everything – And one of those things is baseball. All levels of this sport have been canceled: High school, college, even the MLB. Cody Schott, lifetime baseball fan, says “All you can watch on T.V. is replays. You can only watch so much before it gets boring.”

For seniors, being able to step on the field one last time with their life long teammates has just been taken away from them. All the hard work put in in the off season, prepping for the upcoming season, and there won’t be a single game. Devastating. Cal Olson, Junior baseball player says, ” I personally feel humbled because it shows that anything can be taken away from you at any moment. For the team, we all still are brothers.”

MLB has also been suspended, the first time in league history. Commissioner Rob Manfred is still looking to salvage the season, eyeing a possible start in may at the earliest.