Gen-Z: This Is Serious

Credit: ABC News

Kayleigh Wheeler

All that Americans have heard about in the news in the past four weeks are stories like “What Happens to People’s Lungs When They Get Coronavirus?” and “When might experimental drugs to treat Covid-19 be ready? A forecast” and it has struck fear into the hearts of many people. However, this is not stopping many Gen-Z and Millennials to go out on vacation.

Many young people are seeing that flights and hotels are extremely inexpensive during this pandemic and they’re taking advantage of the low prices. According to Joel Rodriguez, a student at Harold Washington College in Chicago, IL, the low airline prices were too good to not take. He told KCRW that “It’s always been so expensive, like just the airfare alone. I’m like, okay, that’s not even including things like AirBnB, food, Ubers and stuff. It would take me awhile to save up. Now that I was looking, I think it was Spirit where it was only like $120 for a round trip. I was like, that’s extremely low, I should take the opportunity.” Rodriguez is not the only person with this mindset. There has been a flood of college students and young adults that have been gallivanting in a time where Americans are supposed to be “social distancing”.

According to an interview done by the Business Insider, a 21 year old partying in Panama City confessed that this virus wasn’t a “big deal”. “I’m not saying I can’t die from it, I just don’t want to stop living my life because YOLO.” Teenagers and young adults across the country are not taking this seriously, and many people are fearing that they are what’s going to make it worse. 

There have been numerous simulations showing the importance of social distancing and the impact that it can, and will, have on the spread of COVID-19. According to the CDC, social distancing is a public health practice that aims to prevent sick people from coming in close contact with healthy people in order to reduce opportunities for disease transmission. It can include large-scale measures like canceling group events or closing public spaces, as well as individual decisions such as avoiding crowds. It doesn’t seem that complicated, however with the horrendous surge in carelessness and negligence we have seen from Gen-Z, apparently it is. 

Governor Tony Evers has places a few mandates over the past two weeks clarifying not only the importance of social distancing, but basically saying “Okay, we’re serious, stop being stupid and just stay in your houses.” 

With these recent mandates, there is room to hope that these young people will clean up their act and treat this global pandemic seriously. These people are the future of this country and we cannot afford to put it at risk.