Got Any Pep? Didn’t Think So…

Jenna Voegeli, Reporter

Our school has a notorious pep rally at the beginning of the year. We get all decked out, have competitions between the grades, and enjoy a football game to finish off the week. The one week DAHS has their homecoming pep rally, spirit and passion about the school is high; everyone seems to have a common connection. But why do we only do this once? Pep rallies are a known way to increase school spirit and a sense of connection to your school, both things DeForest Area High School is lacking. One solution is to have more pep rallies, but how might students go about getting another one approved by administration?

This winter, a couple of Juniors tried to host a pep rally to highlight some of the lesser known sports, including soccer, cross country, golf, swimming, and tennis. They had to whole pep rally planned with a willing, well-known teacher adviser. The adviser agreed to support these students, saying, “We need more activities to increase school spirit.” They did the work and had all the sports and clubs lined up that they planned to highlight.

However, the administration turned it down. Their reason was summed up by one of these Juniors as “administration didn’t think it was necessary, and may be seen as a waste of time”. Feeling that that was an invalid reason for being turned down, one of the Juniors protested, “This could have helped up our game in school spirit and also brought us together as a school and community.” Other schools have pep rallies whenever a team goes to state, and when the school is simply lacking community spirit. Since both have been true for DeFo this year, why haven’t we followed suit? 

Pep rallies have so many benefits for the students, community, staff, and more. The community enjoys the excitement, and the staff seem glad to switch up their daily routines. By using ideas from other schools and homecoming week, students and staff have the ability to host fun and competitive activities to peak everyone’s interest. Give students the opportunity and tools to host another rally, and we may see even more engagement from our peers. Let’s work together with administration to increase school spirit and student connection through more pep rallies throughout the year.