Girls Basketball Season Ends with a Hard Blow from Edgewood

Mitchell Hahn, Reporter

Last Thursday March 4th at Edgewood high school the Deforest girls basketball team played the Oregon panthers to advance to sectionals in the WIAA girl’s basketball tournament. Unfortunately the Norskis hit a roadblock and lost to Oregon 57-46. 

The girls team had a tremendous season ending off the regular season with a record of 20 wins and 2 losses and making it to the third round of the playoffs. This season would have not been possible without a very talented senior class consisting of: Aylssa Laufenburg, Maggie Trautsch, Tahlia Hardiman, Sydney Hahn, Sam Schaeffer, Taylor Tschumper, Megan Mickelson, Alyson Benkurt, and Brooke Buhr. This senior class was one to remember and will be deeply missed. 

Next season thought is looking promising with upcoming seniors:Natalie Compe, Riley Herrick, Kendall Rauls, and Morgan Hahn. Next season should also be a good one with all of the new promising talent coming from the future sophomores and juniors.