Boys State Swim Team Smashes School Record


Ainsley Swenson

Beating heart, sweaty palms, heightened breathing; these are all signs of intense anxiety and may be similar symptoms to what Ferris Wolf, DeForest Area High School student, and swimmer, felt on February 21, 2020, before beating the previous school record for the 400 Freestyle Relay alongside fellow teammates Ben Ramminger, Evan Ridd, and Ben Jaccard at the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Boys Swimming and Diving Championships, or simply the Boys State Swim Meet. 

According to Alexys Scheuerell, spectator and DAHS student, the energy before the relay was high. Everyone seemed to be excited about this big event. Scheuerell watched the boys walk up behind the diving block and prepare for their race. When asked about how he felt before the race, Jaccard stated that he was “excited and confident.” This is very different from his teammate Ferris Wolf. Wolf said that he was extremely nervous for the event but as soon as his teammates, and later himself, dove into the water all that nervousness ceased. Wolf stated that once he started the race he entered the “mindset to go as fast as you can and that [he] felt no fatigue.” This mindset seemed to pay off for him because he set a personal record and swam 100 yards of freestyle in only 49.57 seconds. Wolf’s teammates had good times as well. Ramminger swam his leg in 47.94 seconds, Ridd in 50.86 seconds, and Jaccard in 52.25 seconds. This added up to 3.20.67 seconds in total. This smashed the previous school record of  3.22.16 seconds. This 1.5-second difference may not seem like much but in swimming, this time cut is actually a lot.

After this group found out about their big success they had a group hug, took a picture and according to Wolf and Jaccard the team went on to eat dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Jaccard also said he was proud of the results but “was a bit sad” because it was the last time he would swim in a competition with the DAHS Swim Team. On the other hand, Wolf said that he was ecstatic about the results and is looking forward to the next season.