Why are DECA Toilet Talk Flyers in the Bathroom?


(Left) – “Toilet Talk” flyer (Right) – Webster

Because they wanted to carry on the tradition they had been carrying on for 20 years, DECA members, every month, print flyers to hang in the bathroom to catch people’s attention.

DECA is an organization that involves marketing and finance which is offered by high schools across the country. DECA consists of community service and competing in business competitions where you share your business ideas with others. 

According to John Webster, the advisor of DECA and business teacher at DeForest Area High School, the flyers hung up in the bathrooms are meant to catch people’s attention, “To communicate upcoming DECA events and activities and promote those activities.”

He continues their purpose is “to capture somebody who’s bored to share information… while people are peeing, these flyers capture people’s attention and inform them.”

In past years, the flyers haven’t totally captured everyone’s attention so the members of DECA came up with an idea: “by adding fun facts and jokes to the flyers, we are able to capture everyone’s attention completely to read the rest of the flier and possibly join DECA.”

One recent DECA flier included notices about upcoming DECA, but also informed students that the Korner Store now has a cappuccino machine.