Hate Speech in the DeForest Community

Due to recent events and comments made against Jewish people, staff, students, and the community feel its effects.

Hate Speech in the DeForest Community

Communities across the country have recently come under the immediate and disheartening effects of comments that have been made by two celebrities in recent weeks. 

The DeForest/Windsor area has seen minimal effects within the student body; however the community and staff still feel the effects on a certain level. According to sources in student services, with these recent issues, we must still remain cognizant of any type of hate speech. 

Alexandra Garcia, DeForest Area High School social worker, stated that hate speech of any kind should should first be reported to the administration and will then be relayed to Student Services so they may contact the student(s) affected by whatever form of hate speech may have occurred. 

“We want to help and support a student in any way possible whether that be a very strong approach or just feeling what that student is feeling at the moment,” Garcia said.

However, staff are not the only ones being affected; the community also feels a certain sense of unease at the thought of their children being subjected to such speech. Katie Bodie, a mother to three students enrolled in the DeForest Area School District, stated  “Saying and doing things against anyone else, based on their ethnicity is truly disheartening and not okay. We should judge by a person’s character, not their ethnicity.” 

As attention to the issues rise so does the levels of concern in the community about the way it may affect their children in their day to day lives, yet our staff remains ready to help and support our students in any way possible.