No More Free Lunches

DeForest Area High School discontinues its free meals. Why?

The DeForest Area High School commons area

The DeForest Area High School commons area

Some Students have wondered what ever happened to the free breakfasts and lunches offered at DeForest Area High School (DAHS). There is actually a very logical answer.

DAHS Associate Principal Matt Bauer gives the explanation for the change in meal options: “It was instated in part because of some of the pandemic relief, they wanted to make sure that everyone that was school age had access to breakfast and lunch.”

So with the government being the ones to instate these lunches and breakfasts, it makes sense that it wouldn’t last long. With this, some teachers are still worried about students being able to get the food they need.

DAHS Math Teacher Danielle Martineau has been very in tune with her students and noticing the struggles some of them are facing without these meals being available any more. 

“…I have multiple students, on the daily, come in and ask me for food. Not only just like in the morning, but throughout the day and I think that could be a contribution to that.”

The school does have a very small program of students who are able to get free meals, but these programs are hard to get into. What will happen to the students who are left out of these programs, there needs to be a solution.