Opening Night of DeForest’s Production of Little Women

How the production went and what the fabled cast thought of it.


Photo from DeForest High School production

Marches’ March!

DeForest Area High School (DAHS) kicked off its opening night of Louisa May Alcott’s play born production of the novel “Little Women”. A story about the March household and the four young women who inhabit its halls; Meg, the responsible eldest daughter, Jo, the headstrong ambitious daughter, Beth, the shy and sensitive daughter and Amy March, the little, but loud social butterfly. Watch these little women live through one of the most tragic events in history, the American Civil War as they try to navigate the struggles of becoming women in 1860s Massachusetts.

The cast consists of some of the most strong-willed actors of the DAHS drama department. Shelby French plays the March sisters dear Marmee, Sarah Locher and Pepper Williams play the hard to please aunt March, Addi Ostmoe plays Meg March, Jo March is played by Cadience Hinz, Gracie Godat is Beth March and Angie Rotondo plays dear little Amy March. Henry is played by Sol Andersen, Miss. Mingott is played by Tess Armstrong, The messenger and doctor were played by Issac Godat, Laurie is played by Dom Jaccard, both Godat and Carver Nelson play Brooks, Mr. Laurence is played by Asher Tatreau, Grady Blackledge plays the March childrens father and Marmee’s husband, Robert March and Dylan Crum plays Mr. Dashwood.

The people behind the scenes who made all the magic happen were: Leah Costello as the stage manager, Amber Meyers as the student tech director and lighting designer, Caleb Jansen was the head carpenter and part of the backstage run crew, Camden Benisch and Autumn Ehle were assistant stage managers, Kaia Shucha was an assistant on lighting design and the light board operator, Ben Sleaford was the sound operator and then Danny Salazar, Indigo Ziebell, Isabella Potter, Jasper Muniz, Megan Marohl, Sophie Gryske and Jay Eckstrom were the run crew and last but not least Cora Haynie was the costume assistant.

Last but not least the hard-working directors who made this all possible were Andersen and Janice Williams, who stayed loyal with the cast and crew to make sure they could make the show the best it could ever be in the short amount of time they got.

The play dates that were advertised on the poster were: April 28-30, from 7-9 p.m. As for opening night; the first three sections closest to the stage were almost packed full while a few stragglers sat in the higher up sections. The comedy seemed to hit just right as the crowd seemed to laugh every time a funny line was spouted or a funny action was carried out. The actors seemed to have improved greatly from their last performances as the intermission was filled with talk of how good they all did and how emotional the story had become, people in the intermission also talked about how grand and detailed the sets were, which also showed that the crew did a good job on the design aspect. The public seemed to have a great opinion of the production because the final bows had the crowd hollering and clapping for each performer and crew member who came out, getting louder and louder as each new cast and crew member filled the stage and it finished with a thanks to Williams, Andersen and Meyers and pictures out in the lobby.

Graduating senior and director, Andersen said that this play was; “Stressful but fun – I’m really gonna miss everyone.” 

“It truly was a family.” Williams, the actor who played Aunt March, declared. 

“I’m so happy I was able to be a part of it even with a busy schedule, I was still able to go to most of the rehearsals. In fact, I got back from Atlanta three hours before our call time.” Nelson remarked.

French said “This has overall been my favorite show to work on, crew and cast all grew close over the duration of the show, and I’m proud of every single one of them.” 

Even though the 2021-2022 theatricals are done for this year, on May 31 there will be a audition for 22-23’s first musical of the year “Chicago”, another book born work of art written by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse. The musical will be directed by Lyrica Dantel

“Being part of the Little Women cast was an absolute slay.” Godat exclaimed.