Joseph Roy Can Hear You Now


Joseph Roy above pictured left with his older brother Harrison pictured right

Joseph Roy, or as people know him, Joe, has overcome quite the hardships. From the get-go, Roy was born deaf. Roy had been set back a year due to tests to figure out what exactly made him deaf, meaning Roy’s hearing had been set back a chronological year. Luckily after a year, Roy was able to receive a cochlear hearing aid which aided and made up for his cochlea that didn’t work. 

The cochlea transforms the sound into a neural message. The cochlea plays a huge role in the human ability to hear and Roy being born without one means he had been missing a huge part of his ear being able to function. The cochlear implant acts as the cochlea and transmits the sound as bone conduction. 

Roy received his first implant when he was one. Roy’s father, Chris Roy, said,” I remember the first time they put the implant on his head, he had begun to cry since he was not used to the sound.” A year later, when he was two, he received his second. Now, finally being able to hear, Roy had to catch up to his knowledge age due to him not being able to hear for the first year of his life. 

To help him catch up, Roy received a service called Wisconsin Early Autism Program (WEAP). This service includes a member from WEAP coming to his house often during weekdays. The majority of the services focused on Roy were helping Roy develop, examples would be reading, writing, pronunciation, and social skills. 

During Roy’s 4th grade year he stopped receiving WEAP due to the fact that he didn’t need it anymore. At school, Roy continued to go through speech assistance and some teaching aid in the classroom. Roy had commented, “It affects me by that It’s harder to hear than normal people sometimes”. He has continued to thrive in school and get better.

Roy is a freshman at DeForest Area High School. In the classroom, Roy receives little teaching aid in classroom and no longer has speech assistance, though he says,” I’ve always wondered what it’s like to hear normal”. He also says,” maybe a little bit” when talking about how the implants on his head may affect how people see him.

Along with being a freshman, Roy is also taking driver’s education. He hopes to receive his license in the fall.