Buschmann Makes College Decision

Norskies standout decides between football and baseball


Whether it is lacing up the cleats on the football field or the baseball diamond, Ryan Buschmann is a standout at both. The DeForest Area High School senior has had many thoughts and opportunities come his way, not only for his first love baseball, but football as well. In August 2021, Buschmann made his final decision to pursue his baseball dreams at Rock Valley College. 

Although Buschmann received interest from colleges in both baseball and football, he chose baseball. Explaining his decision, he stated, “Baseball has always been first for me; even though football was starting to become an option for me as well, my love was always baseball in the end.”

Rock Valley was the choice in the end for Buschmann, though they weren’t the only school in mind for the high school shortstop. Buschmann had a Top 3 set: Crown College, UW-Whitewater, and Rock Valley College. 

Buschmann explained his choice of Rock Valley, “I have dreams for my baseball career, and I thought that it was the best fit for me to reach my goals that I have for my future playing career.”

Since Buschmann’s commitment in August 2021, he has been preparing everyday, both physically and mentally. When asked why spending so much time in the weight room and in the batting cage in his backyard is important to him, he replied “I need my body to be as physically ready as possible to be able to compete for a full season at the next level. If you don’t ever put the work in hitting in the cages or in the weight room then you can’t expect to get better or be better than others.”

Baseball is mentally draining; in fact, baseball is not only one of the only sports where you fail 7/10 times and you are known as great, it is one of the only things in life. When asked about the types of challenges faced in baseball, Buschmann stated, “You will fail more than you succeed is the biggest thing you need to know, you have to be able to learn how to turn failures into a learning experience.”

Buschmann looks to finish his high school career off strong this spring in his final season with the Norskies. Buschmann will enroll at Rock Valley College in July of 2022.