DeForest Area High School DECA Hosts Spring Formal


The DJ Booth at Spring Formal March 11, 2022, taken by Carver Nelson

DeForest Area High School (DAHS) DECA hosted “Spring Formal” on Friday, March 12, 2022, from 7-10 p.m. in the DAHS South Gym. The event was run and coordinated by DECA Officers Grace Galbraith and Carver Nelson. The dance had around 300 students in attendance. The night consisted of spending time with friends and best of all, dancing!


“Carver and I worked hard putting this dance together and it turned out really good!” said Galbraith, the VP of Brand Management for the DeForest DECA chapter.


Several DAHS staff members helped out as chaperones for the dance. Someone attending Spring Formal might see some familiar faces such as Lyrica Daentl, the DAHS Choir Teacher and Musical Director, Timothy Wells, a Business Education teacher at DAHS, as well as Dannelle Martineau, a Math teacher at DAHS pumping up the jams at the DJ booth.


This year’s Winter Formal Dance was a huge success thanks to the hard work of J. Web and the DECA team,” said Wells. “Everyone in the student glob had a blast as DJ Ms. Martineau dropped beats nonstop for three fun-filled hours. The turnout was fantastic and – most importantly – everyone showed a tremendous amount of kindness to each other throughout an elegant (and safe!) night. Once again, I was proud to be a Norskie!


Spring Formal was one of many events that DeForest DECA runs. Prior events included the ‘Sweetheart Dance’, a version of the beloved Daddy Daughter Dance hosted around Valentine’s Day. As well as ‘Trick or Can’, a food drive event hosted around Halloween, run by DECA officers and volunteers for the DeForest Area Food Pantry at Windsor United Church.


Spring Formal is one of the three school dances at DAHS. Homecoming in September along with Prom, which is only for Juniors and Seniors, are the others. DAHS Prom will be Saturday, May 7, 2022, at DeForest Area High School.