Sweetheart Dance At DeForest


Photo Credit: Carver Nelson

On Saturday, February 5, DeForest Area High School (DAHS) students in DECA ran the Sweetheart’s Dance. DAHS students and DECA members Kira Fries, Raegen Feldman,  and Carver Nelson were student leaders. 

This was the first time in DECA’s history of this dance being named the “Sweetheart’s Dance” instead of the “Daddy Daughter Dance;” with the idea that it would be more open for any parents or guardian to come to this dance with their child. 

“Will You be My Valentine” was the theme of this dance and there were 23 student volunteers helping out during the dance. There were about 600 people in attendance. 

There were a lot of good reviews from the students and their parents alike. “The Sweetheart Dance was a lot of fun! While it was stressful to set up and take down, the turnout and outcome of the dance was exciting! It made me so happy to see dads (and moms) and their daughters dancing and having an awesome time… It seems like they enjoyed it a lot.” Nelson said. 

Fries reflected, “I am so happy that the volunteers and I were able to play a role in a night where so many kids and their parents were able to make lifelong memories.” 

Nelson and Fries were running around the whole dance helping out when they could, trying to make this a very enjoyable dance for everyone!