The Jefferson Values

A letter from the spring 2022 journalists


Here at the Jefferson Street Journal, we are a group of dedicated students who attend DeForest Area High School (DAHS), all of whom have taken part in the class 21st Century News Media. 

We will …

  • As students, make all decisions about publication. 
  • Practice the standards of journalistic ethics and integrity, ensuring that the work we publish is as factual as possible.  
  • Stand behind anything that we publish so long as it is truthful. 
  • Redact and correct our work if the work we published turns out to be false or incomplete. In addition we will issue an apology to anyone that is the victim of our inaccurate work.
  • To the best of our ability, give the public an honestly written story with evidence to back up our claims. 
  • Accept all opinions here at the Jefferson Street Journal as long as there is factual evidence to back up claims. 
  • Write for anyone who will read our work. 
  • Write about various topics pertaining to events happening within our community and all over the world.
  • Investigate thoroughly to deliver the utmost reliability, integrity, honesty and trustworthiness in our stories.
  • Investigate tips submitted to [email protected] or through Instagram @thejeffersonstreetjournal

Our values:

  • We strive for the highest level of journalistic integrity by upholding the values of truth and remaining dedicated to our readers. 
  • We write for the students and staff here at DAHS, as well as anyone in our community and surrounding areas. 
  • We commit to being honest in our publications 
  • We respect our journalists’ decisions to spread information without censorship.
  • We encourage our readers to both do their own research to form their own opinions and to engage with our publications in our comments section.