Pursuing Perfection

Each year, tens of millions of people fill out March Madness brackets, with every one seeking perfection. The tournament has been around since 1939, yet no one has even come close to a perfect bracket. The absurd possible combinations of each tournament bracket is what makes this feat so elusive. For a single elimination tournament with 64 teams, the different number of unique brackets is 2^63. Thats 9.2 quintillion! Although these odds may seem unreasonable, there is a way to increase your bracket odds. Different factors such as team knowledge, injury reports, and seeding all play a part in a person’s decision for each game. With these variables in mind you can increase your chances of perfection significantly, up to around 1 in 120.2 billion. With the number of possibilities, the odds of someone eventually making a perfect bracket are extremely low, but not impossible, and one day it may just happen.