Six Year Math Teacher Ashley Fabry Will Leave DeFo to Go Back to School


Courtesy of A. Fabry

Courtesy of A. Fabry

CO: What do you plan to go back to school for?

AF: I am planning on getting my PhD in Math Education.  My main goal after I graduate is to teach college math education classes, but I am also interested in writing curriculum.


CO: Where are you going to school at?

AF: Michigan State University


CO: How long is your degree going to be?

AF: 5 years


CO:What led you to wanting to go back?

AF:Since the end of my time as an undergraduate, I have thought about teaching college math education courses for pre-service teachers.  I love learning and talking about math education pedagogy, and I just always thought it would be fun to teach those classes.  I learned that I would need to get a PhD in order to get a job teaching these classes, so I have been thinking about going back to school for quite a while.  I also loved teaching high school though and wanted to keep teaching and getting experience.  Recently the timing just seemed right in my career and for my husband and I.  My husband is finishing up his online masters degree so it is a good transition time for him as well.  I have loved all the teaching experience I have gotten at DeForest, but I feel ready to be a student again and take the next step in my career.


CO:How long has this been in the works?

AF:I started really seriously looking at schools last spring.  This summer I took the GRE and this fall I applied to schools.


CO:How long have you been teaching for? 

AF:6 years


CO:What will be your living situation there?

AF:My husband and I are going to be looking for an apartment initially and then hopefully a house once we are ready.  I want a house so I can get a dog and have a garden!


CO:Is your significant other moving with you?



CO:After college, where is your most preferred place to teach?

AF:I would love to come back to Wisconsin and teach at one of the UW schools.  We love the Stevens Point area (where we both went for our undergrad), but who knows where jobs will be available.