Gabe Finley

March 13th will be marking a year for when the DeForest Area School District had gone all virtual due to covid-19. 


Due to the strain of Covid-19 causing chaos across the United States, DeForest Schools were forced to go into online school. Teachers were to prepare to teach their children for two weeks of online classes.


There was “not a lot of information about the virus yet; [I was] worried that people I knew could die,” Kyle Borland, a math teacher at DAHS explained.


Not only that teachers were affected but Covid-19, but students were as well. Sports were canceled, in addition to choir competitions and spring plays. 


Sarah DeMinter, now a senior at DAHS, had said “I was also in the spring play at the time and we were told to keep memorizing our lines so we could still have a performance, but that obviously never happened.”


“I remember the whole day felt off, kind of like the world was ending,” DeMinter explained.


Not only students were trying to adjust to Covid-19, but teachers were as well. Whether it was preparing the students for online classes or even being there for them when unknown things come up. 


“Trying to be reassuring to students,” Borland said. “Thought it was gonna be a new/weird/scary experience for all”.


After it was announced that students were to continue online classes until the end of the school year, it had left people scrambling to get their belongings out from their lockers. 


“To be on the extra-safe side, I took everything home with me…,” Ferris Wolf had said. “I was very glad I did so, because that would be the last time I stepped foot in the school that year.”


It wasn’t until February 8th that high school freshman students were able to come back. It wasn’t until two weeks later on February 22nd sophomore through seniors were able to be back in person. The last names of A through L are able to be back in the building in person on Mondays and Tuesdays when M through Z come back Thursdays and Fridays.


Dewayne Allen, a Junior at DAHS, had said “I think it is fair. The only thing I have a problem with is students with two last names where they get to pick what days they want to go”.


“I just like how it works out. Makes it easier for the parents,” Allen told me.


April 22nd, all students are allowed to come back fully in person. That will mean there will be a class in session 4 days a week. A through L and M through Z will all be together at last.