DeForest Opens the High School

DeForest Opens the High School

Gabe Finley

During a year where you can say many things have been not going in the right direction, the DeForest Area School District is beginning to make a push to bring students back to in-person learning. With covid still in mind, the school is still asking the parents to check for any before sending their children to school. This will include checking for any fevers, coughs, sore throats, chest discomforts or trouble breathing, and also unexplained loss of taste or smell. Having any of these symptoms, the school asks of you to stay home and continue school virtually. The freshman had come back on February 8th.

Freshman students have not been to in-person learning since last school year in March. Virtual school has been the new way of learning for them and going back to in-person learning could leave some doubts. I had asked some students how they were adjusting to in-person learning from being online for so long. Their responses, “…it’s just weird having around 6-7 students in my classes”, Cashton Gobrecht told me. As well as, “It strangely feels no different from being online. It feels like I already knew all the teachers from seeing them online, but it is nice being able to move from class to class,” Cora Degnan wrote. 

Your first year of high school is supposed to be filled with football games, homecoming dances, and your own sports or clubs that you are involved with. With covid present, half of the freshman year has been stripped from the students. While I had asked some students about what they were hoping for when they choose to come back in person, I had many split answers. Alana Pierick had answered with, “to have the high school experience”.

As well as, “I was hoping for extra help on certain subjects and quizzes”, Cashton Gobrecht said.

The plan is to bring the freshman class first on February 8th, and everybody else on February 22nd.