Virtual Grades, Harsh Reality


Connor Williams

As the online school year continues, so do the struggles of learning. The closer we get to the end of the quarter at Deforest Area High School the more and more important the grades become. While virtual learning has presented its share of challenges, grades and less time in the class is a big part of student’s GPA’s this year. According to three teachers from various subjects,  some students are struggling with the virtual school and grades. Teachers had different opinions about students and grades as we get so close to the end of the quarter. 

Timothy Wells, Dollars and Sense teacher at Deforest Area High School, says the grading system online isn’t necessarily unfair for most of the student body. But, “for students struggling with WIFI they are not on the same level as the rest.” Some of the students that are struggling with WIFI can not maintain their connection long enough to be in class for the full duration. This gives them less knowledge of what is going on and makes it harder for them to maintain a good grade.

Joseph Schneider, Algebra 1 teacher at Deforest Area High School, says that what goes in the gradebook has changed for his classes. “I have more things in the gradebook now than in the past. [I’m] Actually putting homework in the book weekly.” Now putting the fact that the time with each teacher is shorter he brings up the lack of summative assessments. “Summative and formative. Less opportunities to assess kids. I think it’s really similar.” With less summatives in the gradebook the opportunity to put kids on a grading scale that works with so few assignments is hard. 

Going into the mindsets of students, Danielle Vogel, teacher of English Arts, said “I think early on in the semester people were checking [their grades] but there weren’t any [summatives] in the book. Now more grades are in and kids are trying to correct bad habits.” Now that we are nearing the end of the first round of grades, kids have realized that virtual learning is not a joke and it actually counts towards something. 

In all the fact that the quarter is nearing its end is a big wake up call for many kids. With the average grade going from an A/B to a C is a major decrease and could be a struggle for kids later in life.