The 2020 Scandal? 

The 2020 Scandal? 

Brandon Fischer

Twenty one thousand dollars is how much it costs to have five virtual classes. Kayla Schlimgen, a freshman at UW-Eau Claire, moved into her dorm planning to have only one virtual class. When she got there, she had five due to COVID-19. “Do you think the college could have warned you about your classes all going online, or did they just want you and your money?” Schlimgen  responded, “Honestly, at that point I felt like they just wanted me to move in, so that they could have my money.” 

Before the school year started, Kayla was contemplating if she wanted to go to MATC while COVID-19 was still in its prime. She thought that if she went to Eau Claire, most of her classes would be in-person and she could still have the college experience that she wouldn’t have at MATC. Looking back, Kayla said, “I really wish I would have gone to MATC because I am having the same experience of living at home, but I am paying three times the cost.” 

As was happening in other colleges around the country, many students who arrived on campus left and returned home after a couple of weeks. Kayla said, ”In my Psychology class, I was supposed to have 80 students and my teacher told us that there were less than 30.”  So, what happened to the other students and their $21,000? $21,000 times 10,737 students is a lot of money; it is approximately 225,477,000 dollars. Let that sink in. 

“Going to College During COVID-19” written by Cone Health says, “It’s important to recognize that their concerns are certainly normal. There are other like-minded students, and they need to remind themselves why they’re taking care of themselves.” Therefore, it is important for the students to still go to school and take care of themselves. The schools are watching out for them, and it is not just about the money. The schools truly want them to get the education they need. 

“A New College Scandal: COVID-19 Liability Waivers,” written by Mollie Gray, is an article about how schools are shirking responsibility for their in-person learning decisions. The article states, “Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges have decided to give in-person learning a go. There’s just one small caveat. Many colleges are forcing students to sign on the dotted line of a liability waiver first.” Therefore, the schools knew that they were putting their students in danger and things would most likely change, but all they cared about was making sure that they got that signature first, so they could get their money second.

The 2020 scandal is only visible and clear to the woke. 2020 has a lot going on such as COVID-19, the BLM movement, Beirut explosion, and every single event has a bigger and corrupt problem behind it. Think about how it will affect you 6 months from now before you throw your money away.