School Colors are all DAHS and OHS Share in Pandemic Learning

School Colors are all DAHS and OHS Share in Pandemic Learning

Karley King, Reporter

As we know 2020 has been unlike any year we have seen before.  So much has happened in less than just a year. One thing that has impacted so many people is COVID-19.  Most schools in Wisconsin closed back in March just as the pandemic started.  Now more than 6 months later many are still in quarantine, but some have gone back to school in the midst of this pandemic.  Although our very own school, Deforest Area High School, has not gone back, Oconomowoc High School has.  Deforest Area High School and Oconomowoc High School share school colors, they don’t have much else in common regarding the 2020-21 school year.  

Deforest Area High School has remained fully online, but before the school year started students were asked if they would like to fully remain online or, if the opportunity arose, go back (hybrid) into school.  Now 9 months into quarantine and on the so-called third wave of the virus which is still being considered the first wave, according to John Hopkins Medicine as of August 14, 2020.  Many students alike (and possibly teachers) have been struggling to maintain a healthy ‘relationship’ with school.  Everyone at DAHS has by far done an exceptional job adapting to these big changes by still attending class and getting their work done to the best of their ability. Although many of us want to go back it is important that we are staying safe and healthy. 

Oconomowoc High School (OHS) started the year being hybrid, if students chose to do so.  OHS had a very different meaning of hybrid than our school district; students had to go every other day, but they only went half of the day.  This made sure students were spread out and limited the time everyone was together.  Desks were able to be six feet apart in every classroom and there was no lunch time.  This all helped limit contact and not only that, but time without wearing a mask was practically non-existent.  If DAHS went hybrid like OHS it would most likely look like this.

Then on September 24, 2020 Oconomowoc Area School District’s school board decided in a 4-2 vote that they were going back to school full time.  Many things were changed about how a school day worked, from where you could eat lunch to how you were able to learn.  Although many things have been different, students at OHS seem to be enjoying their time back with friends and in person learning.  One student, Maya Diderrich, Junior, stated that, “Right now I like going to school, actually, especially being back from quarantine. I actually like going because I feel like I can learn more and I get better grades.”  She also shared that many of her peers feel the same way.  Although if you are thought to be exposed to someone with COVID-19 you must quarantine for 2 weeks and attend your classes over Zoom. Going back to school has been a rollercoaster ride for OHS and although they have’t been able to limit contact during passing time, in the classroom, or on the bus, they are all making the best of a hard situation.  

As cases of COVID-19 have continued to rise in Wisconsin and in the schools due to not limiting contact throughout the school day the Oconomowoc Area School District has gone virtual for two weeks as of November 2, 2020.   As for Deforest Area High School we have remained virtual until further notice.  Both schools made their own decisions about how they felt was right to handle the 2020-21 school year.  OHS felt it would be beneficial for the students to go back, whereas DAHS felt it was more important to keep their students safe and adapt the best they could to online learning.