Eyes Set On State

Gabe Finley

The DeForest Norskies Cross Country Team had earned their spot at the state meet after their race last Saturday, October the 24th. The last appearance made by the Norskies was back in 1999. Competing for the title will be the boys varsity team and also Logan Peters for the girls varsity team. 

Throughout the season, the uncertainty of the Norskies running was still up in the air. When leadership was needed, many had stepped up to the challenge. “The three main guys that stepped up were me [Ferris Wolf], Korbin, and Reid…,” Ferris said. “…We helped out the team whenever needed, whether it was setting up weekend practices, leading warmups, getting our posters, and being there for anyone who either had a question or just felt out of place”.

As for the girls team, “Maddie Martin was a huge part of leadership this year and last year,” Logan Peters said. “She always makes sure the team is good and checks in with everyone everyday and puts the team before herself”.

During the Sectional meet, Sophomore Logan Peters ran a 20:28 time for the 5k. Finishing with 4th individual and 9th overall finisher in the meet that sent her state bound. “Before every race I say a prayer and then write the letters RLTW on the back of my hand in sharpie,” Peters said. “Those letters represent the phrase ‘Run Like The Wind’. My grandpa would always say that to me before any sporting event I had.”

“Logan ran a very determined race at the sectional meet to earn her way to state,” Christopher Smith, head coach of the girls team had said. “After missing qualification last year by just one place I know this is very rewarding for Logan”.


Due to COVID-19,  it has been changing all of our lives in some way. For the Norskies, practice and the actual meets was something that took time to get used too. Senior Korbin Eisler had said, “We had smaller meets than usual and we had to start in waves instead of all at once for some of the meets. Spectators were also limited so that also changed the atmosphere of races”. 

“We knew if we wanted to have a season and protect members of our team we needed to make that small sacrifice,” Senior Maddie Martin said.

Joe Parker had said, “I think that the guys have handled the pandemic restrictions fairly well. They have not been perfect, but I don’t think it is realistic to believe anyone has,” Parker said. “Watching each other and themselves improve from meet to meet, picking each other up if they had a rough race, those are the actions they get that remind them of some normalcy”.

Preparation is key to success in any sport, especially when it comes to preparing for state. “For preparation I plan on doing what I know best and not changing anything because what I’ve been doing for the last two years got me to where I am today,” Peter said. 

“In preparation for state, we are taking extra precautions to stay safe as possible,” Wolf said. “…if we all do our part and keep our distance, we can still have an amazing season”.

The State Cross Country meet is taking place this Saturday, October 31st. Representing DeForest for the boys team will be Isaiah Bauer, Eli Bauer, Korbin Eisler, Caleb Ekezie, Jackson Grabowski, Matthew Vandermier, and also Ferris Wolf. Representing for the girls team will be Logan Peters.