Gleeful Grade School Students Return to In-Person Classes

Ainsley Swenson

On October 6, 2020, grades K-2 returned to school to have in-person classes. Students who have opted for hybrid learning with last names A-L go to in-person school Monday and Tuesday, while students with last names M-Z go Thursday and Friday. This is thought to be a large step in the district’s plan for hybrid learning. The district has taken many steps to ensure the safety of those in the school district and is hopeful for the coming year.

Why Begin In-Person Learning Now?

Though COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Wisconsin, Principal Roz Craney explained that the district has decided to follow the guidelines and information from the state. He said that it was deemed safe for K-2 students to return to school so long as they wore masks and social distanced. So the district decided to follow that plan and begin in-person learning on the 6th.


Self-monitoring/reporting, if you have any COVID symptoms, is a tactic used to make sure everyone stays safe. It was ensured that, unlike the honor system high school teachers, students would be self-monitoring when they attend school. Different teachers have different ways of recording how each student is feeling, but it seems the most common way is to have students fill out how they are on a class chart.

Cleaning the School

Cleaning is also a way to stop the spread of COVID-19. According to a letter sent to parents, the school cleans high touch surfaces, such as desktops and doorknobs, frequently and have desktops completely disinfected on Wednesdays so the next cohort (group) of students that enter the school on Thursday can be safe.

Tracking Movement and Behaviors in the Building


Making sure that different classes/cohorts do not come into contact with each other is another step the school is taking to stop the spread of COVID-19. Students go on whole classroom breaks together, cohorts get lunch at separate times, and cohorts must remain separated during recess. This means that students will not be able to interact with students from a different class than them.


“Wearing masks…[is] just a part of a normal part of [student] life now,” said Elementary school nurse Laurie Krause. Wearing masks indoors is required, but they are not required when students are outside at recess. Nurse Krause ensured that it is safe for students to be without masks outside because “COVID hates UV light”, and that they believe it is important to give their students mask breaks. Also, students have lanyards that attach to their masks so they do not lose them.


Those lanyards are kept at the school overnight to guarantee that each student has one every day.

How is it Going So Far?

According to the two elementary Principals and the elementary school nurse, it is going well so far, maybe even better than expected. 

The students are respecting all the rules, wearing masks, using their mask lanyards, and frequently washing their hands.

If this continues in the weeks to come then there should be little to no spread of COVID-19.