Girl’s Golf Goes to the Green

How Girl’s Golf is Practicing and Competing During a Pandemic

When the school district announced that we would be online for the beginning of the school year the first thought that many had was “what about sports?” Sadly most sports, like football, were called off for the fall but there are still a lucky few groups that are allowed to practice and compete.

One of those groups is Girl’s Golf. It was deemed safe to play golf during this time because it is a zero contact sport and it can be socially distanced very easily. 

(Scheuerell, Camera Roll)

Alexys Scheuerell, a senior on the team, spoke about the impact of COVID on the season: “The team is handling [COVID] very well. We make sure to wear masks when we are on the putting green or in close proximity and we always wear them on the bus.”

Next, Scheuerell was asked how often their matches are and if spectators are allowed to come. When speaking on the frequency of her matches she stated that they are “two or three times a week. Sometimes they are back to back and sometimes we have a few days in between.” When asked if spectators could attend their matches she said, “yes, [they can attend because] spectators are typically far away from the golfers to not distract them so it is easy to maintain distance. Some matches don’t allow spectators but some do. It depends on the course.”

Finally, she was asked how things were different this year compared to previous years. She explained that the main differences for the team are that they take a bus to their matches. She stated that the team usually crams “10 people with clubs and carts into two small minivans” but this year they get to take a bus so they have more room. She also said that this year is different because they cannot shake hands or give high fives to show sportsmanship after they finish a round of golf.

(Scheuerell, Camera Roll)

The second golfer that was kind enough to speak about the golf team was, junior, Amber Myers. Myers was asked to speak about the coaching staff and about her favorite thing regarding golf. She simply said, “We have three coaches. Coach Dann, Coach Compe, and Coach Siemion.” She then went on to say, “My favorite thing about golf is probably getting to know and talking with whoever I get to golf with that day.” (Myers is speaking on who she plays against at a match and who she golfs with during practice.

Next, Myers spoke of what her season is like and how long her matches are. She said, “Our season started in August and ends at some point in October. The end depends on how far the team goes. An average 9 hole match can last around four to five hours but it really depends on the teams that are playing.” By looking at Myers’ response it can be seen that golf competitions are long in comparison to other sports like basketball or football, whose games only last two or three hours.

Finally, Myers voiced what got her into golf, and if she plans to continue playing. She stated, “I started golfing so that I could go golfing with my grandfather [because] he wanted someone who could go with him. [And] yeah, I am going to continue to golf next year for my senior year and most likely in college if the school has a team.” 

The Girl’s Golf team has had a great start to the season, and they hope they get to continue competing in the weeks to come.

(Scheuerell, Camera Roll)